General Information

Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Championship

Rocky Mountain 3-Gun is an action shooting match set in the Natural Terrain of the NRA Whittington Center just south of Raton , New Mexico . Click here for a map to the Whittington Center.The riverbeds, mountains, trees and rocks provide the props for our stages.

RM3Gun is a very physical match. Whittington is at over 6000 feet as well, so it adds some extra difficulty for shooters coming from sea level. The match has a healthy amount of long range rifle. You can expect 400 yard rifle targets every year. We try to strike a balance between rifle, shotgun and pistol, but you will definitely have lots of rifle because it's one of the only places you can shoot as far in such a beautiful environment. Usually, we have some moving/aerial targets for the shotgun as moving targets are what the gun is designed for.

We use time-plus/neutralize scoring with 100 points per stage. We have five divisions: Open, Tactical Scope, Tactical Iron, He-Man Scope and He-Man Iron. Please check out our rules for further information.

You can expect challenging stages in beautiful areas that take you out of your comfort zone, but still allow you to succeed and have fun!

Check out our video and sign up for RM3G soon!

Lodging in Raton
A. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Raton - - (877) 863-4780
B. Raton Microtel Inn & Suites - - (800) 771-7171
C. Budget Host-Raton - - (575) 445-3655
D. Super 8 Raton - - (505) 445-2355
E. Comfort Inn - - (575) 445-4200
F. Colt Motel - - (575) 445-2305
G. El Portal Hotel - - (575) 445-3631
H. Motel 6 Raton - - (575) 445-2777
I. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites (575) 445-1500
J. Microtel Inn - - (575) 445-9100
Raton Pass Inn - 308 Canyon Drive Raton NM 87740- (575)445-3641) Janet Bruton