Thanks to all our sponsors that so generously populate the prize table and making this match one of the richest.
Please consider their products and let them know their support is appreciated.

If you are interested in sponsoring the match, please contact Get on the list early and get exposure through the entire year.

Below is a listing of our current 2018 sponsors. Mouse over their name to see their Logo. Click on their name to go to their web page.

JPEnterprises-Match Sponsor
2e Publishing
2E Leatherworks
A Girl & A Gun
Black Rifle Coffee
Bravo Concealment
Brownells (BRONZE)
Burris (GOLD)
Carbon Arms
Cross Breed Holsters (BRONZE)
Decot HyWyd
Enchanted GRounds
Ergo Grips (GOLD)
Fast Acquisition
Firebird Precision (BRONZE)
Gun Goddess
Hearing Protection Services
Hex Mag
Hornady (GOLD)
Invictus Practical
Kel Tec (GOLD)
King of the Mountain
Nordic Components (GOLD)
Patriot Cases
Phoenix Weaponry
Redding Reloading
Redwolf Airsoft
Rugged Gear
Seekins Precision (BRONZE)
Sierra Bullets
Southwest GunSmith Tech
Thunder Beast Arms
Trey Yuen
Trijicon (GOLD)
Troy Industries
Truck Vault
Tru Spec Spot
Unique Tek
Vortex Optics
Warne Scope Mounts
XS Sight Systems